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Draft: Develop Cherenkov emission module

Matthieu Carrere requested to merge 275-Cherenkov-module into master

Closes #275

Here is the first official version of cherenkov emission module. 2 versions are available : Cherenkov and CherenkovToolBox.

CherenkovToolBox uses Corsika 7 input to generate photons and ables to compare Corsika 7 Cherenkov module with Corsika 8 Cherenkov module with close algorithms whereas Cherenkov uses Corsika 8 experiments with for the moment close algorithm with some modifications. For this version, the model is Corsika 7 for calculation algorithms.

The 2 modules uses for the moment an Atmosphere Tabulated to propagate photons. A Telescope Grid class generates a grid of telescopes and sort photons by telescope. Some examples are used :

  • cascade_example_cherenkov_tabulated_corsika7 : CherenkovToolBox
  • em_shower_cherenkov_tabulated (with input file) : Cherenkov with an input file to test different experiments easily in em cascade

You can save with these modules photon positions, directions, arrival time,... And keep photon information by telescope in output screen.

  • The MR is without WIP/Draft status
  • Make sure the most recent CI jobs (config, quality, build_test_example) all run fine with no failures
    • if "check clang-format" failed: the code contributor has to run ./do-clang-format.py --apply eventually with the --all option
    • if "check copyright" failed the code contributor has to run./do-copyright.py --add=20xy
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  • Check in the "coverage" job output that the coverage did not decrease. It should always stay, or increase. If it decreased --> ask contributor to add further needed unit tests, and check coverage report.
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    • Check that all changes are actually related to the issue
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ps: Just changed the branch's name

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