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Draft: Improve energy writer

Jean-Marco Alameddine requested to merge improve_energy_writer into master

This PR is aimed at improving the features of the energy writer. The current implementation just sums the energies of all continuous losses and particles cut into one variable per bin.

I have implemented a differentiation into the different particle types similar to the longitudinal writer.

However, there are open questions similar to those in issue #580 concerning the energies we want to save: In the old implementation, only kinetic energies of the particles cut were passed from the ParticleCut to the EnergyLossWriter. On the one hand, I believe there are situations where using the total energy as the energy deposit would be useful - On the other hand, there are situations where I am not sure whether this is a useful value (for example for stochastic ionization losses below the particle cut, in which case the rest mass of the atomic energy would be counted as an energy deposit?!).

I also have a hard time understand how CORSIKA 7 has been handling this (see page 125, chapter 10.1 of the usersguide. Apparently, electron and nucleon rest masses are not counted, but rest-masses of antiparticles are counted twice?!)

We might want to discuss how a sensible implementation in CORSIKA 8 would look like.

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