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Interaction model selection at run-time

Maximilian Reininghaus requested to merge runtime_interactionmodel into master

I developed a new DynamicInteractionProcess class that wraps any InteractionProcess via type-erasure. This means we can select e.g. the high-energy hadronic interaction model at runtime without recompilation.

The code approval procedure is described in the wiki: Code approval procedure wiki

  • The MR is without WIP/Draft status
  • Make sure the most recent CI jobs (config, quality, build_test_example) all run fine with no failures
    • if "check clang-format" failed: the code contributor has to run ./do-clang-format.py --apply eventually with the --all option
    • if "check copyright" failed the code contributor has to run./do-copyright.py --add=20xy
  • Make sure also the jobs with MR-label ready for code review succeed. This includes the optional jobs, in particular 'coverage', 'release-clang-8", "release-u-18.04" and make sure no problems occur. You may have to trigger a pipeline manually to check this.
  • Check in the "coverage" job output that the coverage did not decrease. It should always stay, or increase. If it decreased --> ask contributor to add further needed unit tests, and check coverage report.
  • On the MR page, open the "Open in Web IDE" tool
    • Check if the provided solution solves the Issue, discuss on gitlab
    • Check that all changes are actually related to the issue
    • There are no debug statements left, not even commented out
    • Check all changes for coding rules and guidelines
  • When all above is done:
    • Add MR label "Code Review Finished"
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