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Add Box volume class

In this MR, I have done following changes:

  • Add a Box class that works similar to Sphere class. But one thing special is that the cubic can have its own orientation. Thus an local coordinate system Box::cs_ whose origin has the same location as Box::center_ is introduced to represent orientation.
  • Add TEST_CASE("Geometry Box") in testGeometry.cpp.
  • Fix a bug in ObservationPlane that use the wrong position of the particle.
  • Add ObservationCubic and ObservationCubicWriterParquet that works similar to ObservationPlane. During development, I found that instead of the ObservationCubic has-a Cubic, ObservationCubic is-a Cubic might be more straight forward.
  • Add tracking_line::Tracking::intersect(TParticle const& particle, Cubic const& cubic) to evaluate the intersection point of straight track and the Cubic.
  • Temporarily fix a problem in PROPOSAL 7.0.5 that absorb EM particles when photonuclear process happens. It seems that this problem have been fixed in new version of PROPOSAL, which will be implemented by !396 (closed)
Edited by Fan Hu

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